Are you the director of a medium-sized company and is management taking too much of your time?
Is it hard to handle the things that really matter and do you have to do too much yourself?
Would you prefer to delegate tasks but sense that your organisation is not able to handle them? If so, we have the solution. Manage your company successfully in seven minutes a day.
You can do it if your company has an ‘Intelligent Business Culture’.

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Our solution
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Do you recognize this?

It is often said that we cannot bring our organisations to the future with the management style of the past. However, we still favour technical solutions. But software oriented systems provide numerical insights… and that is not the answer.

Money-consuming issues such as resistance to change, internal friction, insidious growth in internal bureaucracy, increasing absenteeism, burnout, high staff turnover, high failure costs, you name it, are visible in the data … but the change is in the corporate culture.

Because our profession gives us the opportunity to “look everywhere in the kitchen”, we see that this is often the case. Based on these experiences, we have developed a comprehensive solution:

“The Moverum Management Methodology” as the foundation of “The Intelligent Company Culture”.

What makes moverum different?

The most important distinction is that an ‘Intelligent Business Culture’ is truly self-regulating. Who makes that difference?
You do, once you understand the world behind these ‘rational’ processes. Then you also see the actual impact of your own role in this as a director.

It has been sadly missing so far, the dimension of leadership that makes corporate cultures self-steering in favour of the energy in the organisation: calmly and rationally leading emotionally-charged situations.

We have discovered that leadership dimension. Some 20 years of experience, research and development has given us the insight into how to manage the many symptoms of corporate culture, simply by proceeding from the fundamentals. Guiding principles such as the source code of leadership, the universal mechanism that propels organisations into motion, the iron logic of sentiment-based processes, etc.

How does it work?

The positive: ‘Predictive Leadership’ is a refresher course for (top)managers who want to give their own entrepreneurship space again.

The comparative: ‘The Moverum Management Methodology’ does the same for the entire management team. Uniformity in the roll-out of the policy.

The superlative: ‘The Intelligent Company Culture’ arises as this becomes for all parties the applauded and energizing leadership style.

You only experience the magic, the impact and the spin-off of charismatic leadership yourself when space in your agenda grows to give your own talents priority again.

Some try to find it in “flex-working”, others in “output-oriented management”, but it all comes down to the same thing: matters in control in a relaxed manner.

To prove that these are no empty words we keep entry easy. The first session makes it immediately clear whether this is what you are looking for, then we make agreements. 

But beware: a positive addiction also starts with the first shot.

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How does it work?

‘Manage your company successfully in seven minutes a day’ is a course comprising the unique combination of group training and individual coaching. Especially intended for directors who would like to discover how they can better leverage the culture of their organisation. This results in the company behaving as an energetic implementation resource for their strategic thinking.

The more the organisation can handle, the more you can let go and the more time you can allocate to the things you really want to do yourself.
‘Intelligent Business Culture’ makes that possible.

In six meetings with an intermediary coaching trajectory, it becomes clear where the key lies in these processes and how you can actually develop a compelling corporate culture to the benefit of everyone.

Interested in knowing more?
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  • “The moverum training courses are literally ‘life changing’. I have followed more than 40 training courses in my life but none as good as this one. It is the only training that I dare recommend to both business partners and friends and family in the reassuring knowledge that they get a lot of value for their money.”

    Maurice Bakker
    Maurice Bakker
    Holland Startup
  • “moverum has given our team of location directors a new impulse. Through intensive training, we use management skills more consciously and speak the same language. Noticeably effective leadership!”

    Herman den Hollander
    Herman den Hollander
    Wartburg College Dordrecht
  • “moverum is the missing link in management land. This ‘retraining’ is a simple, shocking and stirring cocktail of human resourcefulness. Owning a company does not imply that you can run it. Growth requires entrepreneurial spirit and vision, return on investment requires the leadership of people. You can master this at moverum.”

    Claudia van der Lugt
    Claudia van der Lugt
    Alizonne Clinics
  • “What moverum offers is a solution for every organisational issue. If only I had learned this 30 years earlier.”

    Willem Prinselaar
    Willem Prinselaar
    former supervisory board member
  • “The moverum training has generated a constructive, motivating and constructive team building effect within my management team and has therefore fully met what we were looking for.”

    Mark Vorsselmans
    Mark Vorsselmans
    Managing Director
    Vorsselmans NV
  • “The moverum approach has resulted in my own efficient and effective way of leadership. The training has given me “extra” time because ownership has developed within the team. I have grown from manager to leader.

    moverum is a must for every manager!”

    Jeroen Mansveld
    Jeroen Mansveld
    Surroundings manager
    Mobilis TBI
  • “This training has taught our team that leadership is not about being right, but about achieving goals.”

    Nicolas Pinglot
    Nicolas Pinglot
    Change Club President
    Hitachi Consulting
Ralph Spee

Ralph Spee

Koos Spee

Koos Spee

Niels Spee

Niels Spee

About moverum

Our experience: technological developments have overtaken typical management methodology. Adjusting the company structure time and again to keep the company in sync with the market is in fact steering from the rear. Meanwhile, the company culture is becoming an inhibiting factor. What works is pro-actively managing corporate culture. The structure then tends to move along in small and painless steps. This is leading from the front row.

Our mission: to make organisations interesting for interesting people.

Our vision: unambiguous and consistent leadership makes organisations interesting.

Our dream: to also make corporate cultures of large organisations rationally manageable.

Our ambition: to set the standard for 21st century organisations.

Our social contribution: using the human dimension to safeguard organisational effectiveness, agility and future viability.


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